Northgate is ready to be the partner you need on your next project.

Why Northgate Construction?

Northgate understands that your workspace is integral to the productivity and culture of your thriving business. Our team knows how to build the space you need – on time and within your budget. Using full transparency, personal attention, and a team philosophy, we walk you through the construction process, step by step. Engage Northgate as your contractor for a smooth construction experience that leads to a space you’ll love – and a relationship you’ll value.

What We Do

Site Development

We can help you locate the best real estate for your projects. Whether it’s site selection, infrastructure evaluation, or coordination with local jurisdictions, we’ve got your back.


We want you to benefit from our experience. We go beyond defining the cost and schedule of your project, and help you identify and plan for construction issues that may place your budget and time frame at risk.


We collaborate closely with you to ensure quality and timeliness. By providing weekly updates, we’re able to find any opportunities to improve schedule and constructability, and make appropriate adjustments.


We thrive on listening to your vision and making it happen. As your partner, we can fast-track your project and provide feedback on constructability and cost, all while innovating and creative problem-solving before construction starts.